Thursday, December 6, 2012

Derek Jeter and the Hunt for Opening Day

Unfortunately, the best news to come out of the winter meetings so far is that Derek Jeter believes he should be ready for Opening Day. Jeter, 38, who was criticized last week for being "out of shape" after a picture was taken of him walking down the street with a bit of a gut, says he feels good and that he is moving around a lot better after recovering from ankle surgery. As Yankee fans know, as well as most of the sports world, Jeter broke his left ankle during game 1 of the ALCS last season against Detroit after lunging for a grounder up the middle in extra innings. The Yankees said that the recovery time would be five months so if all goes well, as it is so far (knock on wood), El Capitan should be ready to go for the opener against Boston in April. As of right now, the Yankees are already in a pickle with the announcement that A-Rod will be out until mid-season with hip surgery so the idea that New York's legendary left side of the infield could both be vacant is a scary thought. 

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